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Buyer's Guide - Oklahoma Restaurant Association
Online Buyers' Guide
When looking for trusted suppliers and services, our members turn to our official hospitality Online Buyers' Guide. Available 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, the newly redesigned Online Buyers' Guide allows members to find your company quickly and easily. From accounting to wine and spirits, our members count on the Online Buyers' Guide to put them in touch with trusted vendors.

  Welcome to the Oklahoma Hospitality Industry's Online Buyers' Guide. This wholesale hospitality buyers' guide is the fastest way to locate the products and services restaurant and lodging operators need. Browse the 10 main categories and 77 sub-categories below for products such as food and beverage, equipment, linen, insurance, furniture and services such as accounting, credit card processing and entertainment to help you run your business more efficiently.

Use the menu at left to find a complete list of all ORA/OH&LA member supplier businesses, as well as those endorsed by the Oklahoma Restaurant Association, the Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association and the Oklahoma Travel Industry Association. 

Use the search fields above to find vendors by product/service, company name, contact name, keyword or location. Click on the "Add Search to Browser" button in the upper-right corner to add the Online Buyers' Guide to your browser's search toolbar and have the ability to find local, hospitality-specific search results any time you're surfing the Web.

  Allied members of ORA and OH&LA are responsible for maintaining their own member profiles in order to update their contact information, company description or Products/Services category. For more information on how to log-in or how to join one of our associations and become eligible for a listing in the buyers' guide, please contact the ORA at 1-800-375.8181 or 405-942-8181 and speak with our Member Care Department.
Accounting (1)
Accounting, Banking, BankCard, Finances, Gift Card (14)
Advertising & Marketing (13)
Age Verification System
Air Freshener (1)
Air Freshner (2)
Apparel, General (2)
Apparel, Protective (1)
Associations & Councils (8)
ATM sales & Service (2)
Attorneys & Legal (6)
Auctioneer (1)
Audio Visual Services (2)

Background Checks
Baked Goods (2)
Bar (4)
Bath Tub Repair (2)
Beer (3)
Beer & Ale (10)
Beverages (33)
Bread (1)
Bulk Oil Systems (1)

Carbonated (6)
Carpet Cleaning (2)
Catering & Delivery (3)
Charter Service
Charter Services (1)
Chemicals (2)
Chemicals, Cleaning & Sanitizing (19)
Coffee, Tea & Water (10)
Construction & Paving (1)
Consulting (9)
Cooking (5)
Credit Card / Gift Card Processing (2)

Dairy (1)
Digital Displays (2)
Digital Marketing (5)
Document Management
Drapery, Curtains & Blinds

Educational (9)
Educational Materials (3)
Energy Drinks (1)
Energy Efficiency (9)
Entertainment & Technology (11)
Equipment (40)
Exercise Equipment (1)

Fire Protection & Suppression Systems (1)
Flooring (4)
Food (38)
Food Bank (3)
Foodservice Management (4)
Forensic Investigation (1)
Franchising (1)
Front Office Management Systems (3)
Frozen Foods (2)
Full-Line Distributor (19)
Furniture (6)

General (14)
General Contracting (2)
General Contracting (2)
Grease Removal (4)
Guest & Staff Communication Software

Handyman Services

Ice (6)
Industry Research (1)
Insurance (22)
Integration (1)
Interior Design (6)

Landscaping (3)
License Processing (2)
Lighting (2)
Linens (1)
Linens & Tableware (11)
Liquor Audit Assistance (2)

Mattresses & Bedsprings (1)
Member Benefits & Training (3)
MIO Product (2)
Mystery Shopping

Office (2)

Paper (7)
Payroll (7)
Permit Processing (1)
Pest Control (2)
Photography Services
Plumbing (7)
Point of Sale Equipment & Services (13)
Pork (2)
Poultry (1)
Power Washing/Steam Cleaning
Produce (8)
Promotional Products (2)

Real Estate (1)
Refrigeration (3)
Restaurant Design (2)
Restaurant Equipment (3)
Restaurant Loans (2)
Restoration (2)
Restoration & Cleaning (9)
Restoration, Cleaning & Mitigation (2)
Reward Cards (1)
Roofing (2)

Schools & Educational Services (4)
Security Systems (1)
Services (60)
Signage (3)
Smallwares & Supplies (9)
Social Media Marketing
Special Event Furniture & Supplies
Special Event Furniture and Supplies (2)
Specialty Meats & Foods (6)
Specialty Woods for Smoking
Staffing (5)

Tourism Services (12)

Uniforms (6)
Upholstery (5)
Utilities (3)

Vending Machines (1)
Vent Hood Cleaning (2)

Washing, Cleaning & Drying (3)
Washing, Cleaning, & Drying (1)
Waste Disposal & Compactors (2)
Waste Disposal, Recycle and Compactors (1)
Water (2)
Water Heaters (6)
Website Design (1)
Website Optimizations (1)
Wine & Spirits (10)
Wine Broker (1)
Winery (1)
Workers Comp. Insurance (2)
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